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But he will need CD Reduction in his item build. · Nana. Below you can see the build guide I’ve made, which will definitely help you to ml best nana guide be an MVP. 2nd Skill - when spammed can disable up to two heroes in a clash. 6% winrate nana and achieved 2-game winstreak without screaming other allies “nubs”. You can also use it to escape. Mobile Legends Guide – Final Verdict. Is Nana a mage hero?

It will help you alot early game especially against marksmen. After I wrote this guide, I instantly hit 11. ml best nana guide Pada guide Nana Mobile Legends kali ini akan membagikan build item guide yang dapat membuat Nana menjadi hero yang mempunyai kecepatan berjalan tinggi dan juga dapat menghasilkan magic damage yang cukup tinggi. By playing Nana, you&39;re looking to help an average player secure kills or to help a pro player snowball hard to victory.

She is no longer just a troll hero. 2 days ago · Nana is one of the versatile mage heroes and one of the most underrated magicians in the world of MOBA. With Flame shot, you can pick up easy nana kills early game. You can search and look the Nana Features in mobile-legends. Please do let me know if I missed anything and I’ll be sure ml best nana guide to include them in this Mobile Legends Guide. Research the latest new car prices, deals, used car values, specs and more. Nana’s skills ml best nana guide are Nimble, her passive skill, Boomerang, Morph Spell and Dragon Cat Summons.

She uses her passive skill to increase her movement speed. The entrance ml best nana guide is a short stroll down Soi 4 from the main Sukhumvit Road. If you’re confident with your positioning skills or you have decent tanks and a defensive lineup ml best nana guide that you can rely on, you ml best nana guide can go for ml best nana guide Inspire for a quick burst in DPS. . Get to know the best ml best nana guide heroes to use and rank up to Mythic division. Most recent and ml best nana guide updated meta tier list for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Nana needs to play with the Hero Marksman ml best nana guide or the Assassin therefore she needs an extra Gold addition.

You can search mobile-legends. The boomerang she throws deals 165 magic dmg, but only in a specific direction. Layla’s number one weakness is her mobility, or lack thereof. Best ml of all, you can own Nana at just nana 6500 BPs. In fact, I even “Well played (All)” for the first ml time ever. Once an Assassin catches you or you get stunned, you are pretty much dead. Nana is also known as the Feline Wizard in Mobile Legends. Use Flicker as your only mobility skill for escaping.

· As a ml best nana guide mage/support, Nana is pretty easy to use and is appealing to both males and females. Best start of the season nana I have ever had I’d say. Being a starter hero, she has straightforward offensive abilities which makes her. Well the most recommended battle spell which suitable for Nana is. Nana the forgotten Support is the best Support. She is a Mage hero that deals a lot of magic damage to slay her enemies.

Mobile Legends Nana Support Build by Heyletmechokeyou. Start a practice session to get a feel for which Battle Spell fits your hero best. How This Build Works. If your team has a good tank (Example, Tank Balmond) then you can buy High AP items for Nana. Feel free to add me in game, maybe ml we could do some classic/brawl games together!

I am a nobody but what i can surely tell you is that i ml best nana guide love playing supports (MMORPG and ml MOBAs). Within this duration, Nana is immune to all damage and her Movement Speed increases by 70%. Nana adalah Hero ML Mage yang tipe menyerangnya adalah jarak jauh, juga Nana ini adalah Hero Mage ml best nana guide satu – satunya yang memiliki Basic Attack yang cepat. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Nana Plaza ml best nana guide is situated in the red light district on Sukhumvit Soi 4 in the Nana neighbourhood.

If you opt to have your Nana under a late game physical build, expect that she can do 1 vs 1 to any hero. Remember to take it easy and enjoy the game. Picking the right gear. Make sure to select the magic emblem set before you start the game. Nana is a fun hero to play. Build Item Gear Nana Burst Damage And Semi Marksman Tersakit. nana Although Layla doesn’t have much blink and CC skills, she makes up for it with her raw burst damage and long range thanks to her Malefic Gun.

SPELL, ml best nana guide EMBLEM SET, AND BUILD. Hero Feature A mage who has the ability to morph the enemy. F lame shot is the best option for Cecilion. Nana, Feline Wizard. Layla is one of the deadliest Marksmen in Mobile Legends. · MLBB Cecilion Best spells.

Enemies that come in contact with the edge of the forcefield will be 300 / nana 500 /% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and will be stunned for 1 second, while enemies within the forcefield take 60 (+20% Total Physical Attack) (+0. And as the name of the Heal Goddess build implies, this build is ml best nana guide the best when it comes to healing! The blessings activate every 120s. Nana is with 4 skills, one passive and three casters. Let’s continue to know about best spell in Nana hero guide mobile legends. Everybody knows how adorable Nana is, but don’t let her adorableness fool you, she’s not as weak as she looks like.

Detona roars skyward and generates a forcefield around himself for 5 seconds. Balmond serves much better as a fighter compared to a tank. · The best way to find guide out the best Battle Spell for you ml best nana guide is ml best nana guide to try them out in-game. To start with, choose Fury as your spell. Hopefully this guide will help you on how to use Layla and which items to get. · Guinevere Best Build: Hero Guide, Tips & Tricks Level Dash Hero Guides Novem Janu 5 Minutes Guinevere is a very powerful, almost imbalanced hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Nana can&39;t solo carry a game but she does wonders at supporting and is ml best nana guide incredibly fun to play. 5 Mana Cost:40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 Layla fires a Malefic Energy Bomb forward, dealing 200 / 240 / 280 / 320 / 360 /%Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to the first enemy hit. Nana Build Guide The following gear increases her magic power, movement speed, ml best nana guide physical attack, critical strike chance and her attack speed. Her real problem is that her skills are pretty slow to cast ml in comparison to other heroes. Pair these with the best offensive item builds below and Layla guide is basically a killing machine. She is a cat elf with powerful magic abilities in the game. 7% Total HP) Physical Damage continuously every 1 second and slowing them by.

Which item builds do ml you use on her? Nana’s skill 1 has very short cooldown, it’s very lucky for us. Note: I mainly play Nana as a marksman and she is way more effective, so this only contains Nana as a marksman.

Mobile Legends Nana AD Carry Build by MorpyMorp. That’s pretty much it. The Best Battle Spell ml best nana guide and the Emblem of Nana Hero. This build was created ml with Rafaela’s healing capability nana in mind. Depends on your set ml best nana guide level, Nana will also get additional magic power, HP, magic damage reduction and magic resistance. ml best nana guide Last updated: Novem.

ml best nana guide Untuk itu, sepatu yang akan digunakan nana adalah Rapid Boots, sepatu yang paling banyak menambah ml kecepatan berjalan hero. These items can be purchased at any time while in a match. For example, Morph Spell(Skill 2), if we use this skill => enemy transform the Dragon Cat.

This set provides the best items to entrench Rafaela as the heal goddess. Flame shot has very low CD compared ml best nana guide to other spells. Molina&39;s blessings will transform Nana for 2s when she takes a deadly damage. I don’t get excited from kill counts, i get excited when i can annoy and disable my enemies and leave ml best nana guide them helpless. So keep a distance from your target(s) when attacking. net for Nana Features and. 5 Mana Cost:65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 Layla fires an energy ball that explodes, dealing 170 ml best nana guide / 200 / 230 / 260 / 290 /%Total ml best nana guide Physical Attack) points of nana Physical Damage to the target and nearby enemies and reducing their movement ml best nana guide speed by 60% for 2 seconds.

Don’t rely too much on her passive for gold. By the way, Nana ml best nana guide is a hero support without any heal, so that the heal from the Healing Spell could change Nana to be the complete and multi talented. What is Nana in Mobile Legends? If you ml best nana guide master her, and then have the confidence to play as her, you should be winning more games than losing. · It should be obvious, but I want to say it again: Healing is Rafaela’s forte!

· Mobile Legends Popol and Kupa ml best nana guide Best Build & Guide MLBB Valir Guide Here, Kimmy gets close to me, he doesn’t know that if I can hit him with my 1st skill and stun he’s already dead so remember to stay away from Valir’s 1st skill because it will be cooldown if it hits you. More Ml nana Best Nana Guide videos. Nana has a good set of Area-of-Effect, Summoning, Burst, and ml best nana guide Crowd.

Mobile Legends Nana Build Guide. Mobile Legends Build is a guide created for the Mobile Legends Game. Mobile Legends Nana Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips Nana is a Mage/Support type hero in Mobile Legends. What to do with Nana emblem set?

. Layla’s basic attacks and skills deal more damage to the enemies that are further away, from 100% up ml best nana guide to 130%. Nana can be used as a mage, support or a ml best nana guide marksman. What are Nana&39;s skills? Nana Best Build - Mobile Legends Bang Bang NANA GAMEPLAY NANA FULL GAMEPLAY MVP NANA BEST BUILD Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mobile Legends Mobile Legends bang. · The best way to take full advantage of this build is to use Angela’s Heartguard skill on a melee allied hero (preferably a tank/fighter) and dish out all of her skills causing a mayhem of status effects and damage at totally no cost to her—be it Mana or her safety. Players can find ml best nana guide strategies or builds including champion guides.

Gear can be purchased in-game to make your character stronger. Sehingga bisa dikombinasikan dengna item ml Marksman agar bisa memberikan Damage ke musuh yang tinggi dan cepat. These are some of the spells that work well ml best nana guide on Cecilion. In fact, she just became the top-picked hero for this March. Her ultimate skill, Destruction Rush, increases her attack range with every skill point. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t a monster in the battlefield when used properly!

Nana Physical Damage Item. Drop a comment down below! To maximize the Molina’s Blitz passive skill. Don’t insult others and have fun playing! Yes compared to other heroes, Nana is ml best nana guide difficult to kill during a 1 vs 1 due to her 2nd skill. The rear jet thrusters plus grid effect on her ultimate are welcome additions.

For the Nana Emblem set which more suitable that Nana can ml best nana guide use is the Magic Emblem Set which could increase the magic power along with a bit increase ml best nana guide on Health Point (HP) part. Characters that are annoying AF. Nana have crowd control skill. Do you love playing Layla in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

Choose Physical emblem set. See full list on leveldash. The skill range increases with levels. Conclusion While Nana is in no way a meta hero, she provides a niche that no other ML hero can recreate. She is a friendly yet dangerous kit; don’t get too close though, you might find yourself morphing into a vulnerable cat spirit. For a cat elf, Nana is a ml slow hero, but with high mana points and mana regen.

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